National Human Rights Commission of Korea

Chairperson : Lee Sung-ho

  • Lee Sung-ho
    • Passed the 22nd judicial examination
    • Judge, Seoul Central District Court, Masan Branch of Changwon District Court
    • Judge, Busan High Court, Seoul High Court
    • Research Judge, Supreme Court
    • Chief Judge, Cheonan Branch of Daejeon District Court
    • Chairperson, Election Commission, Cheonan City
    • Chief, Cheonan Branch of Daejeon District Court
    • Chief Judge, Suwon District Court, Dongbu Branch of Seoul Central District Court,
    • Chairperson, Election Commission of Jongno District
    • First Chief Judge, Chief Judge, Patent Court of Korea
    • First Chief Judge, Chief Judge, Seoul High Court
    • President, Seoul Southern District Court
      President, Seoul Central District Court
    • Chairperson, Election Commission of Seoul Metropolitan City

Standing Commissioners

  • Kim, Young-Hye
    Kim Young-hye
    • Presiding Judge, Seoul Central District Court
    • Laywer, Oneul LLC
    • Vice president, International Association of Women Judges,
    • Commissioner, Government Public Ethic Committee
    • Head, Arbitration Department, Press Arbitration Commission,
    • Korea Asset Management Corporation , Business Administration Management
    • Commissioner, Personnel Committee, Seoul Metropolitan City
    • Public Defender, Constitutional Court
    • Commissioner, Government Legislation Advising Committee, Ministry of Government Legislation
  • Lee, Kyungsook
    Lee Kyungsook
    • Secretary General, Vice President, Standing/Joint Representative, Korean Womenlink
    • Standing/Joint Representative, Korean Women's Association United
    • Commissioner, Press Arbitration Commission
    • Commissioner, Korean Broadcasting Commission
    • Heads of the Support Team for Policy Planning for Child Care, Support Team for Women Acquitted from Prostitution. Uri Party
    • Chairperson, Policy Coordination Committee 6, United New Democratic Party
    • Member, 17th National Assembly(Gender Equality and Family Committee, Culture and Tourism Committee, Education Committee)


  •  Han, Tae-Sik (Bo Kwang)
    Han Tae-sik (Bo Kwang)
    • Appointed by the President of the Republic of Korea (Feb.2010 - present)
    • Chief priest, Chunggae Mountain Buddhist Jungto Temple, Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism
    • President of the Jungto Academy(2006~2008)
    • Dean of Buddhism School, Dongguk Univeristy
  • Yoon, Nam-Geun
    Yoon Nam-geun
    • Professor of Korean University School of Law (2007~present)
    • Head of Korea University Center for Public Interest & Human Rights (2009~present)
    • Vice President of Korea University School of Law (2010~present)
    • Vice president of Korea Dosan Jurisprudence Society(2008~present)
    • Arbitrator of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (2008~present)
    • Editorial writer of the Law Times (2008~present)
  • Wee Soo HAN
    Han Wee-soo
    • Member , Commission on Civil Rights, Korean Bar Association (2011.3.~2013.2..)
    • Policy adviser ,the Ministry of Pubic Administration and Security (2011.7.1.-2011.6.30.)
    • Chairman, Korean Society for Media Law, Ethics and Policy Research (2009.3.-2011.3.24.)
    • Commissioner, Central Environmental Disputes Coordination Commission (Apr. 2010- )
    • Member, Steering Committee, Curriculum Council, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (Sep. 2009- )
    • Senior Judge, Seoul High Court of Appeals (2005-2008.1.)
  • Kang Myeong-deok
    Kang Myeong-deok
    • Director of Human Rights Violation Investigation 1 Division, NHRCK
    • Director-General of Human Rights Violation Investigation Bureau, NHRCK
    • Director-General of Human Rights Policy Bureau, NHRCK
    • Interim Secretary-General, NHRCK
    • Director-General of Immigration Bureau, Ministry of Justice
    • Lawyer, Kang Myeong-deok Law Office (Current)
  • Lee Seon-ae
    Lee Seon-ae
    • Judge, Seoul Central District Court, Daejun District Court, Seoul Administrative Court, Seoul High Court.
    • Legal Researcher, Constitutional Court of Korea,
    • Editor, the Law Times,
    • Member, Korean Statutory Interpretation Deliberation Committee, Ministry of Government Legislation (Current)
    • Member, Family and Work Balance Committee, Korean Bar Association (Current)
    • Lawyer, Yoon & Yang LLC (Current)
  • choi E-woo
    choi E-woo
    • Chaplain, Korean Army
    • Senior Pastor, Ansan Gwanglim Methodist Church, Wangsimni Church
    • Director, Childfund Korea
    • Standing President, Korean Church Volunteers
    • Advisory Commissioner, Presidential Committee for National Cohesion
    • Senior Pastor, Chongkyo Methodist Church
  • Lee Eunkyung
    Lee Eun-kyung
    • Judge, Seoul Southern District Court, Seoul Eastern District Court, Jeonju District Court
    • Professor, Judicial Research and Training Center
    • Member, Protection Committee for Criminal Victims, Ministry of Justice
    • Vice President, Korea Women Lawyers Association
    • Member, Korea Women's Development Institution
    • Member, Press Arbitration Commission
    • Director, Korean Bar Association
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National Human Rights Commission of Korea