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The World for All National Human Rights Commission of Korea is always with you
The World for All National Human Rights Commission of Korea is always with you

Biography of the Standing Commissioners

Park Kyung-seo Biography
Park Kyung-seo Park Kyung-seo

- 2001.11.25 ~ 2004.12.23


- Former Chairman of the WCC Asian Policy
- Commission in Geneva, Swiss
- Chairman of the East Asian Peace
- Commission, First Human Rights Ambassador of Korea

Yoo Hyun Biography
Yoo Hyun Yoo Hyun

- 2001.11.25 ~ 2004.07.20


- Assistant Judge of Supreme Court
- Progessor at the Judicial Research and Traning Institute
- Senior Judge of Seoul High Court, Lawyer

Rhyu See-chun Biography
Rhyu See-chun Rhyu See-chun

- 2001.11.25 ~ 2004.03.12


- Commissioner for the People's Movement for the Democratic Constitution Headquarters
- Director at the Korean People's Artists Federation
- Novelist

Choi Young-ae Biography
Choi Young-ae Choi Young-ae

- 2004.07.23 ~ 2007.09.20


- Member, Police Reform Committee of the National Policy Agency (Sep. 1998 - Jan. 1999)
- Member, Youth Sexuality Committee of the Government Youth Commission (Aug. 1998 - Sep. 2001)
- Member, Police and Civil Society Cooperation Committee of the National Police Agency (2000 - Sep. 2001)
- Member, Police Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (Jun. 2001- Sep. 2001)
- Member of the Board, Korea Human Rights Foundation (Nov. 1999 - Jul. 2005)

Jung Kang-ja Biography
Jung Kang-ja Jung Kang-ja

- 2004.12.24 ~ 2007.12.23


- Appointed by the President of the Republic of Korea (Dec. 2004 - present)
- Commissioner, NHRCK (2001 - 2004)
- Co-Representative, Korean Womenlink (1993-2004)
- Non-standing commissioner, The Minimum Wage Council in the Ministry of Labor (2000-2003)
- President, The Labour Committee of Korea Women's Association United (1995-2000)

Kim Ho-joon Biography
Kim Ho-joon Kim Ho-joon

- 2004.12.24 ~ 2008.02.03


- Appointed by the National Assembly (Dec., 2004 - present)
- Chief editorial writer and U.S. Correspondent, Seoul Daily Newspaper, Munwha Daily Newspaper (1988-1998)
- Director, The Northeast Asia Peace Movement (present)
- Steering member , The Association of Commemorative Service of Jun-ha Jang (2001-present)

Choi Kyung-suk Biography
Choi Kyung-suk Choi Kyung-suk

- 2007.09.21 ~ 2010.10.10


- Head, Sexual Violence Counseling Center, Busan Differently Abled Women Solidarity (2001 - 2002)
- Head, Center for Victims of Sexual Violence, Busan Differently Abled Women Solidarity (2003 - 2005)
- Representative, Busan Differently Abled Women Solidarity (2004 - 2006)
- Co-representative, Korean Differently Abled Women United (Jan. 2005 - Feb. 2007)
- Deputy Representative, Busan Women's Association United (Feb. 2005 - Dec. 2006)
- Expert Member in Non-Discrimination, Presidential Committee on Social Inclusion (Nov. 2006 - May. 2007)

Yoo Nam-young Biography
Yoo Nam-young Yoo Nam-young

- 2007.12.24 ~ 2010.11.04


- Lawyer(Korea, New York)
- Appointed by the President of the Republic of Korea
- Vice-Chairman of Lawyers for a Democratic Society
- The Korean Bar Association (2003-2005)
- Member of the education informatization committee under the Prime Minister (2003)
- Arbitrator at the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (2005-2007)
- Provisional director, Duksung Educational Foundation (2007)

Moon Kyung-ran Biography
Moon Kyung-ran Moon Kyung-ran

- 2008.02.04 ~ 2010.11.04


- Editorial Writer and Chief Reporter of Women's Issues, JoongAng Daily (Dec. 2002 - Jan. 2008)
- Expert Member of Women's Policy, Ministry of Gender, Equality & Family (Aug. 2003 - Aug. 2004)
- Committee Member, 21st Century Women's Forum (2004 - present)
- Vice-Chairman, Korea Women's Reporters Association (May. 2006 - present)
- Committee Member of Women's Committee, Seoul City Council (Aug.2007 - present)

Jang Hyang-suk Biography
Jang Hyang-suk Jang Hyang-suk

- 2010.10.11 ~ 2012.01.12


- President, Busan Differently Abled Solidarity (1998-2003)
- President, Differently Abled Women United (1999-2003)
- Member, the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea (2004-2008)
- President, Korea Sports Association for the Disabled (2005-2009)
- President, Golden Circle Foundation (2007 - present)
- Member of Executive Committee, IPC (2009- present)

Hong, Jin-Pyo Biography
Hong, Jin-Pyo Hong, Jin-Pyo

- 2011.02.21 ~ 2014.03.06


Editor of the quarterly (1998~2009)
Political director of Citizens United for Better Society (2004~2006)
Secretary general of Liberty Union (2004~2008)
Member of National Election Broadcasting Debate Commission (2007~2010)

Jang Myungsook Biography
Jang Myungsook Jang Myungsook

- 2012.03.08 ~ 2015.03.15


Mar. 2001 - Jan. 2005 Chief of Seoul Sexual Violence Relief Center Women with Disabilities
Jan. 2008 - Jan. 2012 Representative of Korea Differently Abled Women United
Apr. 2008 - Feb. 2012 Executive Director of Korea Disabled people’s Development Institute (KODDI)
Jan. 2009 - Jan. 2012 Co-chair of Solidarity for the Prevention of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities (DDASK)
July. 2008 - Present Member of Coordinative Board for Policies on Persons with Disabilities
Editor of the quarterly (1998~2009)
Political director of Citizens United for Better Society (2004~2006)
Secretary general of Liberty Union (2004~2008)
Member of National Election Broadcasting Debate Commission (2007~2010)

Yoo Yeong-ha Biography
Yoo Yeong-ha Yoo Yeong-ha

- 2014.03.07 ~ 2016.01.11


Passed the 34th Judicial Examination,
Prosecutor, Changwon District Attorney's Office, Gwangju District Attorney's Office Branch in Suncheon,
Incheon District Attorney's Office, Seoul Central District Attorney's Office Northern Branch,
Human Rights Ombudsman, Ministry of Justice
Human Rights Commissioner, Seoul Bar Association,
Board member, Hansei University,
Lawyer, Woojin LLC, Saebit LLC

Kim Young-hye Biography
Kim Young-hye Kim Young-hye

- 2010.11.15 ~ 2016.11.27


- Presiding Judge, Seoul Central District Court
- Laywer, Oneul LLC
- Vice president, International Association of Women Judges,
- Commissioner, Government Public Ethic Committee
- Head, Arbitration Department, Press Arbitration Commission,
- Korea Asset Management Corporation , Business Administration Management
- Commissioner, Personnel Committee, Seoul Metropolitan City
- Public Defender, Constitutional Court
- Commissioner, Government Legislation Advising Committee, Ministry of Government Legislation

Lee Kyungsook Biography
Lee Kyungsook Lee Kyungsook

- 2015.3.16 ~ 2018.3.15


- Secretary General, Vice President, Standing/Joint Representative, Korean Womenlink
- Standing/Joint Representative, Korean Women's Association United
- Commissioner, Press Arbitration Commission
- Commissioner, Korean Broadcasting Commission
- Heads of the Support Team for Policy Planning for Child Care, Support Team for Women Acquitted from Prostitution. Uri Party
- Chairperson, Policy Coordination Committee 6, United New Democratic Party
- Member, 17th National Assembly(Gender Equality and Family Committee, Culture and Tourism Committee, Education Committee)

Jeong Sanghwan Biography
Lee Kyungsook Jeong Sanghwan

- 2016.3.22 ~ 2019.9.18


- Legal Attache, Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the US
- Chief Prosecutor, Criminal Investigation Division 7, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office
- Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Chungju District Prosecutors Office
- 1 Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Suwon District Prosecutors Office
- Head, Bucheon Branch of Incheon District Prosecutors Office
- Research commissioner at the Legal Research and Training Center
- Seoul Bar Association

Choi Hyeri Biography
Choi Hyeri Choi Heri

- 2016.11.28 ~ 2020.01.12


- Judge, Seoul District Court
- Judge, Seoul Family Court,
- Lawyer, Barun Law LLC
- Lawyer, Korea Government Legal Service,
- Commissioner, Committee on Prosecution Reform
- Commissioner, Committee on Policy for Regional Public Enterprises
- Commissioner, Personal Information Protection Commission
- Standing Commissioner, Seoul Court Coordinating Center

Jeong Moonja Biography
Jeong Moonja Jeong Moonja

- 2018. 6. 22. ~ 2021. 8. 5


- Former Co-chair, Korean Women’s Association United
- Former Member, Fact-finding Committee on Human Rights Violation, National Police Agency
- Former Chairperson, Subcommittee on Policy, Human Rights Committee of Seoul Metropolitan City
- Former member, Committee on Civil Society Development, Office of Prime Minister
- Former President, Korean Women Workers Association
- Former President, Incheon Women Workers Association
- Former President, Rehabilitation Center of Incheon and Bupyeong

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