National Human Rights Commission of Korea

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The World for All National Human Rights Commission of Korea is always with you

The Commission

The Commission is comprised of 11 commissioners.(The Chairperson, 3 Standing Commissioners and 7 Non-Standing Commissioners) Among the 11 commissioners, 4 shall be elected by the National Assembly, 4 shall be nominated by the President of Korea, and 3 shall be nominated by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and then approved by the President of Korea.
The term of the Commissioners is for 3 years and can serve for up to 2 terms. The number of any gender commissioners shall not be beyond 60 percent of the total number of commissioners. 


The secretariat is comprised of 4 bureaus, 18 divisions and 5 reginal offices.
The Secretariat executes the Commission's decisions and policies, and is responsible for all of the NHRCK's administrative duties.

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