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The World for All National Human Rights Commission of Korea is always with you
The World for All National Human Rights Commission of Korea is always with you

Complaint Handling Process

Standing Commissioners
  • Receipt of complaints(Counseling Center)

    • by e-mail/mail
    • by phone call
    • by fax, etc.
  • Investigation of case(investigator)

    • Investigating complainant or respondent by interview written statement
    • investigation materials as deemed relevant to the case
    • couduction an on-site inspection
  • Reinvestigate

    Deliberation & Decision (Committee)

    • deliberation and deciding on case investigation findings

You can make a complaint to the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK) on cases as follows

Complaint Receipt

There are several ways to file complaints with the National Human Rights Commission of Korea. Written complaints may be submitted at the Human Rights Counseling Center directly, or by mail or facsimile. It is also possible to download and prepare written complaints via the webpage of the Commission or to submit complaints verbally in person or by telephone. Persons accommodated in detention or protection facilities may file written complaints directly to the Commission or submit complaints to the Commission's investigators upon their visit and interview. When the Commission receives such complaints, it must deliver or forward receipt certificates to complainants.

Case Investigation

Upon receipt of complaints, the Commission's investigators conduct investigations as follows:

  • Investigators may request that the complainant, victim, respondent, or other related person submit written statements.
    Those requested to submit written statements should submit them to the Commission with fourteen days.
  • Investigators may request that the complainant, victim, respondent, or other related person submit materials deemed pertinent to the investigation. Investigators may also request the relevant persons to present themselves, hear their opinions, or inquire into certain facts or information when necessary.
  • Investigators may conduct investigations or assessments on-site concerning the place, facility, materials, etc. in question. Investigators may seek expert opinions when necessary.

If complainants wish to withdraw their complaints, they must submit a letter of withdrawal specifying such intent (including a letter of withdrawal in the form of electronic documents including e-mail). If complainants verbally express intention to withdraw complaints to the staff of the Commission in person, protocols for withdrawal prepared by such staff by causing the complainants to affix their signatures or seals may be submitted in lieu of said letter of withdrawal. If complainants express intention to withdraw complaints by telephone without submitting a letter of withdrawal, telephone conversation reports prepared by the staff concerned may substitute for such letter of withdrawal.

When it is evident that a complainant should file a complaint to another government agency according to remedial procedures provided in other laws, the Commission shall immediately transfer such complaint to the government agency concerned.

* Even in the absence of a complaint, the Commission may conduct an ex officio investigation by a resolution of its sub-committee in charge including the Standing Commissioners' Committee if there is sufficient evidence of grave human rights abuses or discriminatory acts.

Deliberation and Decision

The Commission (Plenary Committee, Standing Commissioners' Committee, and other subcommittees) shall deliberate on the findings of investigations into complaints and may make a recommendation, dismiss the complaint, reject the complaint without deliberation, recommend for settlement, transfer the complaint, or take other such action.


Within fourteen days after such decision, the Commission should forward to the complainant a written guide and written notice of case handling results.

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