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NHRCK dispatched Human Rights Guardians to the protest site against installation of power transmission tower in Miryang

  • 2014-06-13
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o The National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK) dispatched a group of Human Rights Guardians to Miryang in order to monitor and prevent any possible human rights violation as it is planned to forcibly remove protesters' temporary residence at the construction site of a massive power transmission tower.




o Miryang city and the police decided to carry out vicarious administrative execution at 4 sites out of 5 where the transmission tower is planned to build at 6 am on 11 June .


o Regarding Miryang city's decision, residents are still protesting against installation of the tower, which raises concerns on possible physical conflict among protesting residents and police.


o Taking its serious situation into consideration, the NHRCK dispatched 16 Human Rights Guardians and put its best efforts to prevent human rights violation during the course of the vicarious administrative execution.


o The NHRCK also requested the police to be cautious about potential accident which may endanger security of residents' body and/or life during the course of forced removal of protesters' resident.

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