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The World for All National Human Rights Commission of Korea is always with you
The World for All National Human Rights Commission of Korea is always with you

NHRCK‘s recommendation to eliminate discriminative expressions against migrants on TV programs thereon

  • 2014-07-11
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- 4 major broadcasting companies and 4 cable channels accepted NHRCK's recommendation-



o Four terrestial broadcasting companies such as Korean Broadcasting System(KBS) and four major cable channels including Chnnel A decided to accept NHRCK's recommendation on "Improvement of TV programs about migrants". As a result, a set of measures will be proposed and production crews will be trained in order to eliminate discriminative expressions based on race and culture on TV programs about migrants.


o The National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK) monitored 35 TV programs in the areas of news, culture, and entertainment. It turned out that negative perception against migrants were promoted through abusing discriminative expressions without censorship. In this regard, the NHRCK recommended terrestial broadcasting companies (KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS), cable channels (Channel A, JTBC, MBN, TV Chosun, and the Korea Communications Standards Commission(KCSC) to make an improvement on January 2014.


o The NHRCK also called upon broadcasting companies and the KCSC for specific measures such as strengthening screening process in order to encourage proper expressions on multi-culture and migrants on TV.


o All the recommendation recipient organizations expressed their will that no discriminative languages against migrants shall be used on TV through their efforts such as thorough monitoring programs before and after broadcasting, and enlightening their staff so as to prevent recurrence of such incident.

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