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Ewha Womans Uni. decided to revise the marriage banning (01-22-2003)

  • 2003-01-22
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Ewha Woman"s University Will Revise the "Prohibition of Marriage" Regulation after the NHRC Investigated Alleged Equal Rights Violations (01-22-2003)

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) welcomed the decision that Ewha Woman"s University (Ewha) made to revise the "prohibition of marriage" provision on 21 January since this decision will help promote public awareness on human rights and improve gender equality.

Whang (19) filed had filed a complaint against Ewha, arguing that Ewha regulations have been violating basic rights, such as the right to pursue happiness and the right to determine ones own destiny. According to the school regulations, being single is a necessary conditions for admission (Article 14) and the president can expel any student who has gotten married while enrolled at the university (Article 28).

After the NHRC examined the case comprehensively, in depth and breadth, with experts, the NHRC decided that if a specific person is discriminated against based upon marital status, without reasonable cause, then such an act violates the right of equality.

Ewha Womans University announced that the university will revise the "prohibition of marriage" regulation, on 6 January which has been causing public criticism and on 21 January informed the NHRC that the university will revise the relevant regulations.

The NHRC has decided to close this complaint, having had accepted Ewha"s decision to revise school regulations. The NHRC considers that this is a turningpoint that will facilitate reform of discriminatory practices in Korean society. Still, the NHRC will continue to investigate discrimination cases in the educational community.


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