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“Human Rights Policy for Sports Needs to be Improved”

  • 2009-12-17
  • 850


November 2-Korea needs to establish a policy standard and a special organization to improve the human rights situation in the sports arena,” concluded the ‘Forum on Sports Human Rights Policy’ held on November 2.


The forum, co-organized by six civic groups regarding sports, youth, gender and culture, - Culture Association, Physical Education Teacher's Association, Foundation for Preventing Youth Violence, Civic Society for Sports, Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center, and Korea YMCA – was to present the European countries’ human rights policy regarding sports, and discuss problems and solutions on the human rights situation in the sports arena faced by Korean society.


During the forum, official Suh Hyun-Su of the NHRCK explained the ‘Sports for All’ movement in Europe which was initiated in 1970 to eliminate discriminations against gender, race and disabilities in sports. Suh added, “England founded the ‘Child Protection in Sport Unit(CPSU)’ to establish a detailed guideline for human rights protection for children and youth in sports activities.”


The NHRCK expects the forum to bring significant gains to prevent any kind of violation in sports, to help people enjoy participating in sports activities, and to promote democratic and human rights friendly sport policies.



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